3.0 Move to the Cloud

Your journey to moving our GraphQL project to the cloud begins here. Get ready to enjoy an infinite scale for your app using a powerful and robust platform.

The word “cloud” is ambiguous, but to be specific, I am referring to where you will keep your app and data when I use the term. It also refers to where all your power computing resources will live. There are tons of options today, and a lot of these options make cloud computing more accessible to frontend developers.

I decided to go with an all-in-one provider to reduce the cognitive load, as well as the context switching, that comes with trying to stitch different cloud products from different vendors together, in an attempt to satisfy our decentralized cloud requirements. Hence, you will enjoy all the decentralization you want but stay with one familiar tool.

At the end of this chapter of the workshop, you will:

  • Own a cloud account with free credits
  • Deploy Docker containers to the cloud
  • Deploy a web app to the cloud
  • Migrate data from local or other sources to your cloud
  • Setup continuous deployment with Github