0.7 How to use this workshop

As a Student

The workshop is best enjoyed top to bottom. It is carefully prepared in the form of a journey to take you from zero to a complete, production-ready, scalable, and secure app.

That said, feel free to jump in-between stuff when things sound too basic — remember I am trying to carry everyone along.

As a Teacher

This workshop is also prepared as a teaching content for teachers as well. If you want to give a workshop, it does not matter if it's a full day or a full hour workshop, you can take parts (or whole) of the content from this and teach. You do not owe me any acknowledgment but you will make my day if you do or link back to the original content.

I try as much as possible not to add links in the workshop that lead learners out of the content. This way, you won't get into a rabbit hole and get distracted from following the workshop.

At the end of each chapter, if there is a need to link resources, I will list the resources so you can get to it after you have completed the chapter or the workshop.